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What’s New– Cinderella is back!

The ever popular musical, Cinderella”, was successfully performed in various local schools last year. It was re-run this summer at TWGHs Chang Ming Thien College and Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School. Will your school be our new audience?

For reservation and the programme enquiry, please contact us on 27536160. For more photos, please visit our gallery page.

Notre Dame College-The winning team

Congratulations to Notre Dame College! Their drama team performed outstandingly in Hong Kong Drama Festival 2011. The great effort of teachers and students were richly rewarded with Outstanding Actor Award, Outstanding Actress Award and Outstanding Cooperation Award. It is a fruitful year for both the school and us. We look forward to another successful cooperation in foreseeable future.



What’s New – The Chinese Foundation Secondary School 10th Anniversary Celebration

Congratulations to the wonderful musical performance – ‘Overcoming’ on the Chinese Foundation Secondary School 10th anniversary celebration show performed at Jockey Club Auditorium, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 15th July, 2010.  For more photos, please visit our gallery page.



What’s New – Summer Programmes 2010

Summer Programmes

Talent theatre aims to provide all-rounded programmes and services to enhance the English level of Hong Kong students. Learning English is not only limited to lectures but in far more fun ways.

We specialize in summer programmes, including

- Outdoor Camp/ Activities

- Intensive Course

- Drama Workshop

- P.6 to S.1 English Bridging Course    

Let’s have fun this summer!


Summer Programme Highlight—-Summer Drama Camp

Our drama camp can be held in various locations as diverse as Talent Theatre’s studio/educational campsite/campuse. Entertaining and interesting activities are tailor made for these who are seeking enhancement in, confidence, leadership and English skills.


What’s New – Musical “Cinderella” Rerun

The fairy tale, “Cinderella”, transformed into a romantic musical, has been successfully presented in various local schools, such as Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School, NTHKY Yuen Long District Secondary School and PLK Yao Ling Sun College.

In response to the reputation and the support to the show, Talent Theatre is rerunning the production on 2nd and 29th June, 2010.

Do not miss the chance to review this classic story and the performance of our fabulous artists.










For reservation and details, please contact us on 27536160.

What’s New – Rehearsing for Cinderella Rerun

Actors are working hard on the rerun of the musical production.


What’s New – Chinese Foundation Secondary School 10th Anniversary Celebration Show Rehearsal

Talent Theatre is providing an intensive training programme for Chinese Foundation Secondary School’s musical production entitled ‘ Overcoming’ which is going to be presented in the school’s 10th anniversary celebration show at Jockey Club Auditorium, Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 15th July 2010.


What’s New – Variety Show in Pak Tin Catholic Primary School

Another popular musical production from Talent Theatre - ’Love and Help’ was performed in Pak Tin Catholic Primary School’s variety show on 15th May, 2010.

Picture 4337aPicture 4390a

What’s New – Sound of Music Musical

The Sound of Music Musical

Talent Theatre proudly presents, a remarkable musical, “The Sound of Music” is in rehearsal now.

The performance is proposed to be staged at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in 2011.

It is suggested to recommend your students to participate in our performance as actors/actresses (the children). This is an extraordinary opportunity to improve the students’ English level and gain more performing experiences through drama.

For reservation and the programme enquiry, please contact us on 27536160.

Coming up…

Talent Theatre presents Journey to the West from Talent Theatre on Vimeo.

After a welcoming response from local schools throughout Hong Kong, we are proud to present our next biggest production…Journey to the West (English version).