Live Shows



Originating from a city known for its business sector, historic culture aspects, and what many call ”fast pace’, Talent Theatre is unique as it has ample opportunities to provide such entertainment to the masses. Talent Theatre strives to showcase its best of the best, including the performances of various genres and shows ranging from contemporary to the classics. Seeing a growth in audiences’ interest for theatre and acknowledging the need to nurture both experienced and inexperienced talented crew and cast members.


Whether for schools, agencies, corporate functions, conferences, exhibitions, or parties and much more our team of professional actors have a wide selection of plays and plays to perform to you that meet your function. In addition, to the performance an interactive discussion teaching the basic dramatic skills as well as English language skills will be followed, all of which is geared to arouse the interests of your audience in attendance in drama and language. Each tour is tailor made to meet the needs and concerns of your audience as selected. To set up a scheduled tour with Talent Theatre, please feel free to contact us on 2753 6160 or email:

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